What we do

Over 22,000 prestigious items and products, electrical equipment, chairs and tools, equipment for professionals, but also dozens of proprietary brands for all beauty needs: extensions and products for colouring and treatments for hair, hands and feet, make-up, eyelashes and eyebrows, nails, hair removal and skin care and an increasingly rich men’s line, up to the most recent Sanykay products with alcohol-based antibacterial products and disinfectants, even for pets.

A range of solutions in different sizes, formulated, created and distributed in over 63 countries.

Uncompromising quality, great attention to effectiveness.

Kepro formulations are very rich in active ingredients.

Customer satisfaction and environmental impact in all processes are the main objectives of Kepro, which develops constantly new formulations, ever more natural but increasingly more effective.

Kepro products work, with immediate visible effects.

At this very moment, millions of customers around the world are using at least one Kepro product with satisfaction.

The most innovative accessories and products are sold at favourable terms to the entire ‘pro’ sector.

Having verified the effectiveness of Kepro professional products in salons, the demand for home use and customer loyalty are constantly increasing.

In the group’s shops and stores, professionals always have priority and can find a vast display of products, request all the new products and get personalised advice.

The kepro days, special surprise days reserved for them with discounts up to 50%, are extremely popular.

The public also increasingly appreciates the professional quality and effectiveness, the vast choice and the excellent quality/price ratio: when they choose one of the products from the various Kepro brands, they know they can count on the professionalism of a great company, which does not aim for profit alone, but for the full satisfaction of customers, totally safely.

A distinctive service that is also mirrored in the stores with the Keproshop and Beauty&Co brands, 25 stores as at May 2021.

A few of our products

Normal Skin Face Creams

For the first time, KEPRO Research has created a face cream for normal skin, with a light texture and easy to absorb. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose, for an intense moisturising action. Argan oil and a Multivitamin Mix complete the nourishing action, giving the skin a healthy and vital appearance.


Wonder Eyes Eyeliner

WONDER EYES Eyeliner PURE BLACK outlines the gaze and defines it with a thin and modular line.

Intense and long-lasting colour. Easy and ultra-precise application, homogeneous result right from the first time.


Macadamia Kit

The synergistic action of antioxidants and macadamia oil strengthens the hair and nourishes it deeply.

The regenerating shampoo performs an effective emollient and brightening action for healthy and silky hair.

The regenerating mask softens without weighing, giving the hair immediate shine and vitality.


Face Care Box

Formulated with compounds rich in active ingredients, it smooths and brightens the skin freeing it from impurities.

4 in 1 multifunction electric brush for face and body cleansing.
Waterproof. Rotating design for deep skin cleansing.


Energy Revitalising Lotion

Energising line ideal for weak and fine hair. Formulated with Nettle Extract, Rosemary and Trace Elements.

Energising Lotion: it tones and nourishes the scalp, performing a stimulating and revitalising action.


You can also find our products online!

A trusted supplier of hair & beauty accessories and equipment, Kepro also sells the products in its two e-commerce stores